Thursday, November 02, 2006

NACD's 2006 Public Company Governance Survey

The National Association of Corporate Director's has released its 2006 Public Company Governance Survey, done in partnership with Mercer Delta Consulting. Like the previous surveys, this report is based on data both from 798 online governance survey respondents and gleaned proxy statements of 5000 public companies—providing current indicators of both action and attitude.
Highlights from the 2006 Public Company Governance Survey:
The leading issue for directors this year remains the same as in 2005: strategic planning. CEO succession, corporate performance, and CEO performance management are also in the top four.
While CEO succession was one of the top issues, directors ranked their boards relatively ineffective at handling it (15.6% at “below acceptable levels”).
There was an increase in time spent on board and committee-related activities: about 26, 8-hour days per year for the average public company director.
Board size averaged nine members, and more than three-quarters of survey respondents felt their board size was ideal.
If you would like more information about the NACD's 2006 Public Company Governance Survey, please visit their website at or call the publications department at 202-572-2091. All 2006 survey respondents will be mailed a complimentary copy of this report.

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