Thursday, June 26, 2008

AMT Relief Bill

From PE Week Wire, June 26, 2008:
The U.S. House of Reps yesterday passed an AMT relief bill, which would partially be “paid” for by changing the tax treatment of carried interest from capital gains to ordinary income. Unclear if it can pass the Senate, and President Bush has promised a veto. So why are Charlie Rangel et. all going through the charade? My theory is twofold: (1) Carried interest is going to become a bargaining chip this year. Most everyone acknowledges that AMT must be dealt with at least on a temporary basis, so Rangel has preemptively created a sacrificial lamb. (2) There is now a legislative framework in place for 2009, when it’s expected that Democrats will have a few more Senators and a President Obama. With that, this change passes like taxis on a freeway.

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