Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pepperdine Private Capital 2011 Economic Forecast

2011 Economic Forecast Report: Complimentary Download
Some highlights:
1. GDP seen at 1.98% with probability of recession at 28.43%.
2. Housing expected to decline 1.76% while S&P seen increasing by 6.46%.
3. ‘Increased access to capital’ seen as policy that would help spur job creation the most
4. Most participants ‘somewhat more confident’ in U.S. economic growth in 2011
5. Likewise, most participants ‘somewhat more confident’ in growth prospects of privately held businesses
6. Most participants more incentivized to innovate today
7. 80% of business owners feel economic stimulus measures distributed unfairly
8. Business owners believe a stronger dollar would be more beneficial than weaker dollar
9. Compared to one year ago, respondents more likely to invest in US, Brazil, India, Canada, Australia, and China. Less likely to invest or expand in Japan, EU, Mexico, and Russia.
10. Most respondents believe raising the $14.3 trillion US debt ceiling would be detrimental to US businesses.
A link to download the complimentary Pepperdine Private Capital Markets 2011 economic forecast report can be accessed here: http://www.linkedin.com/redirect?url=http%3A%2F%2Fpepperdine%2Equaltrics%2Ecom%2FSE%2F%3FSID%3DSV_8GNkCURw7bC3gVu&urlhash=-gjL&_t=tracking_anet.

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