Wednesday, June 30, 2010

M.&A. Activity Up Globally, but Regions Lag

NYT DealBook, June 30, 2010:
Mergermarket, an M.&A. intelligence service, reported a 2.9 percent increase to the number of deals going on globally in the first half, marking their total value at $828.9 billion, compared to $805.9 billion at the same time in 2009, The Financial Times said.
Greater increases in M.&A. activity were seen in the developing world, making a leap of 44 percent on last year’s level to $218.5 billion, The FT reported.
Mergermarket’s data offers a mixed picture of European deal-making: In the area of emerging markets, European buyers appeared in the highest volume, contributing to 61.2 percent of inbound M.&A.
However, the second quarter was noted by Mergermarket as the worst period for European M.&A. since the data firm’s records began 12 years ago, The FT said.
In the U.S., the firm’s findings were not much better, with M.&A. activity in the first two quarters dropping 18.8 percent across the region, putting the total worth of deals at $313.3 billion, the worst result since 2003, The newspaper reported.
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