Friday, June 11, 2010

Private Equity’s $445 Billion Problem

NYT DealBook, Friday, June 11, 2010:
The private equity industry has $445 billion burning a hole in its pocket and it could soon turn into a problem, Investor’s Business Daily writes.
Buyout shops have raised — though are yet to deploy — that figure from institutional investors, according to the publication.
And if they can’t unload it in the near future, they may face a host a problems.
Investor’s Business Daily writes:
To realize the outsize profits investors expect, private equity firms would have to borrow two or three times that amount. But for the most part, credit spigots for such deals are still dry. At the same time, pinning down buyout targets is not that easy. Many potential sellers are balking at parting with corporate assets in the midst of a serious downturn.
Worst of all, the clock is ticking on that near-half-trillion war chest.
“Most funds legally have five or six years to invest that capital,” said Andrea Auerbach, managing director at Cambridge Associates, a consultant to institutional investors based in Boston. “It’s use it or lose it.”
If P.E. doesn’t start to spend that committed capital soon, investors may begin to pull out, the publication notes. At the same time deals that are done only to use the capital risk being ill thought through and potentially not very profitable.
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