Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Private Equity Rides Again

NYT DealBook, Jul 07, 2010:
With an increase in secondary buyouts and a stock market more friendly toward initial public offerings, the private equity industry seems headed for something of a revival after grinding to near a stand-still during the financial crisis, The Deal Magazine writes.
As the New York Times noted in an article last month, among private equity players, competition for buyout targets has heated up and while prices are rising, from a historical standpoint, they remain attractive. Prices are well below the stratospheric levels of 2007 and 2008, according to Capital IQ.
Coupled with loosening up of credit, the industry is enjoying resuscitated dealmaking and profit taking, according to The Deal. Domestic leveraged buyout activity, which had dropped as low as $10.4 billion in the first half of 2009, passed $37 billion through June, the publication noted.
Yet, despite some pretty strong signs of recovery, private equity may not be headed to a 2007 redux, The Deal writes:
…the fact that the bidders managed to line up $10 billion in debt financing from various banks was a clear demonstration of the astonishing financial firepower that sponsors once again were able to marshal for the right deal. The debt harked back to the boom times, when $10 billion-plus LBOs proliferated. Could another era of supersized buyouts be in the offing?
The answer, all experts we spoke to agree, is no, because banks by and large remain constrained in what they can and will lend to buyouts. Nevertheless, the return of a semblance of normalcy to the business is heartening to many industry players.
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